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Gerd Ganteför


Prof. Dr. Gerd Ganteför
Scientific director

Gerd Ganteför is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Konstanz and conducts research in the field of nanotechnology. As a book author and speaker, he deals with the topics of energy transition, climate change and futurology. Prof. Ganteför became known to the general public through appearances on television, various lectures and as a Youtuber. Based on his profound knowledge of the basic laws of physics, he strives for an ideology-free, objective analysis of controversial topics. In doing so, he is characterized by an optimistic view of the future.


Max Bolliger

Managing Director

Max Bolliger is the owner of Internationale Treuhänder GmbH Bolliger & Partner. As Managing Director of 4pi-Sciencelab GmbH, Bollinger is responsible for the strategic orientation and controlling at 4π.


Dominik Hierling

Research assistant

Dominik Hierling is a graduate physicist and is doing his PhD in the group of Prof. Dr. Gerd Ganteför at the University of Konstanz. His special fields are scanning tunneling microscopy, synchrotron radiation and photoelectron spectroscopy. Furthermore, he is an experienced tutor in the master's program in physics at the University of Konstanz. At 4π, Dominik Hierling takes over company projects in the field of energy and climate.


Jeremias Maier
Research Assistant

Jeremias Maier has a Bachelor of Education degree in physics and chemistry and is studying a master's degree at the University of Konstanz. He is our expert for the EU taxonomy regulation, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions in all areas of society as part of the EU Green Deal. A second focus is the EU regulations on adaptation to climate change. Mr. Maier specifically advises companies on the implementation of the new regulations.

  • jeremias.maier@uni-konstanz.de


Dr. Manfred Irsch
Physicist, European Patent Attorney

Dr. Manfred Irsch is the owner of Intellectual Property Services GmbH IPS and, as CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board. He is a European and Swiss patent attorney and holds a PhD in solid state physics from Saarland University.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt
Energy and climate

Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt is professor emeritus at TU Berlin and CFEL at DESY in Hamburg. He was director at the Institute for Solid State Research in Jülich and was appointed scientific director of BESSY in Berlin. Due to his expertise in the field of energy and climate, he was subsequently appointed managing director for energy research at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Prof. Eberhardt gained public recognition through lectures, articles and as a book author.


Tobias Bücklein
Social media and communication

Tobias Bücklein is an artist, media expert and book author. He became known through his TV show "Inseldenker" on the Mainau and his solo program "Halbweisheiten". With his books "Feierkunst: Leuchtende Augen statt hohler Rituale" on the subject of event organization and "Willkommen in Neuland" on the subject of social media, he also distinguished himself as a book author.